Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Essential Oils for Hair Loss...Yes Please!

Hair Loss & Young Living Essential Oils

Hair Loss can occur for various reasons. Sometimes hair loss or balding occurs naturally with age. There are many  other reasons such as: after/during pregnancy, post surgery, stress, medication and various other reasons. One thing is for sure while some individuals look ravishing with a bald head or thinning hair, others can find it quite stressful to loose clumps of hair. Even if hair loss is caused by stress, added stress may occur when excessive hair loss is occurring.

Recently I had surgery and was on a high dose of medication for an extended period of time. As my hair loss continued to clump out I turned to Young Living Essential Oils to help me out. It genuinely works!

The following are a Young Living Essential Oils recommended for Hair Loss. 

*clary sage 
*ylang ylang 

Apply 2-3 drops on location or on the bottom of your feet. You can also add a few drops of each to a hair oil (example:Moroccan oil) or in a spray on conditioner.

This treatment for hair loss works! It may seem a bit pricey but trust me it is worth the cost and it works! You won't regret this regime.

 Order these amazing oils at www.youngliving.org/danacherniwchan
Email me at younglivingessentialoils@hotmail.com if you would like to order directly through me



  1. Hi there! Thanks for this sharing! If these hair restoration Toronto treatments really work, then I will use them right away. For me, it doesn't matter that they are a bit expensive....I just want to solve my hair loss problem once and for all! I hope I will get amazing results with the help of these oils!!!

  2. Essential oils are exceptionally useful in recouping our passionate and physical wellbeing of human and creatures
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  3. Do I just pick 1 or use them all?

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  5. I would like to know if you mix all of these oils in a carrier oil and apply or just use one? Thanks!